What to know before you contact me:

The information I've provided in these pages is to help you be successful in scheduling an appointment with me. I live a very busy life and have a full schedule - so you being prepared with the information I need at the time of contacting me will greatly speed up the scheduling process. Please also read through the Donations page and the Contact page before you reach out to me. I will ask you in our first text conversation if you have covered this information.

What to know before you come to see me:

I take great pride in being fresh and clean from head-to-toe for our session together. I understand you will be out and about before you arrive at my doorstep so you have a couple of options. I have a shower available and you are welcome to have a quick rinse at the beginning of our session. Please just let me know you will need to do that I and will have a fluffy towel waiting for you. The other option is to use the washcloths and hygenic wipes available in my bathroom if you just need a little freshening up. In any case I do actually hope (expect!) you to use the bathroom upon arrival to rinse with the mouthwash provided and wash your hands. Doing this shows me you respect the fact that we are going to be very physically close to one another during the session and the fresher we both are, the more fun we have together.


And speaking of hands - please keep in mind the kind of session your have booked with me that day. Massage is all about YOU and does not include mutual attention. I enjoy the feel of your hands on my body and will encourage you with words and actions to enjoy yourself within the boundaries of the type of session you have booked with me. If I feel like you are over-reaching I will gently take your hands and place them back in an appropriate area. If you continue to push my boundaries you risk not being allowed to come back for another session.


And just a note about being discreet when you arrive - I will provide you with parking information before our session together. Please pay attention to that. Parking in my neighbors spot could result in our time together being interrupted by the neighbor ringing my doorbell to ask you to move your car. Neither you or I want that.


Lastly, I know that you think arriving early shows you to be an conscientious client but actually that can cause problems for me. I am in a quiet residential neighborhood in Bothell. If you arrive in my neighborhood more than 10 minutes before our scheduled appointment please park temporarily a few blocks away and text me to ask if it's okay to show up early. If you do not reach me in that moment please understand I am otherwise occupied and will greatly appreciate you showing up in my driveway on time when you are expected.


My Cancellation Policy:

As with many other professional providers I do need to have an established cancellation policy in place to help protect my time. When you book with me, please be aware of the following

  • 50% of the session donation to cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice
  • 100% of the session donation to cancel with less than 2 hours’ notice (reduced to 50% if you re-schedule and have a session me within one week of previous appointment)

My expectation is that you will acknowledge this policy at the time you cancel with me. If you do not, I will make you aware of it and refer you back to this webpage. I understand you have a busy life with demands from job and family. You must understand that my time is extremely valuable and if I accept a booking from you I am turning away other clients who would like to see me at that time. Please arrive at your next appointment with the necessary funds and place in plain site before getting undressed.